Court Clears Way for President Kenyatta to Put Up 7,000 Housing Units in Nairobi’s Shauri Moyo Estate

The government can continue with plans of putting up more than 7,000 housing units in Nairobi’s Shauri Moyo estate, the High Court has ruled. The ruling comes after 300 civil servants moved to court seeking to have the plan stopped until the government provides them with alternative accommodation. The government wants to demolish the existing old structures in the estate, where the civil servants are living, and put up modern houses under President Kenyatta’s affordable housing pillar. In her ruling, Justice Wilfrida Okwany says that the relationship between the government and the civil servants is that of a landlord-tenant and the former has the right to do whatever he wants with his property as long as the tenant is given adequate notice to vacate. The judge further notes that the applicants failed to prove that they cannot secure alternative accommodation and dismissed their argument that there are school going and disabled children in the houses. Under the low-cost housing plan, President Uhuru’s administration plans to construct more than 500,000 units for sale to Kenyans in the next four years. Source | Mwakilishi

How to Set Up Your Home Office to Be More Productive

Working from a home office has its pros and cons. You get to work from the comfort of your house and avoid the hustles of dealing with the commute of going to work. You also create the space to your own liking and decorate it however you want. But it can also get distracting if you don’t discipline yourself. There is no one to constantly remind you of your working hours or monitor your productivity. Hence, you will find yourself taking unnecessary breaks to catch up on TV, preparing a snack or even sleeping. That is why, when setting up a home office, you need to think about how to put it together to increase productivity. Which Colors Work Best in a Home Office? You cannot ignore the psychology of colour. Colours bring out certain moods and emotions in people. They change a person’s energy and physical reactions. Colours play a role in architecture. Therefore, deciding which colour to have in your home is imperative if you are going to make a home office work to your benefit. Green is a neutral colour. It brings out a relaxing, comfortable, fresh and peaceful environment. Concentration levels are high in a green office space….

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving to a new house is exciting but it can get overwhelming if you don’t plan appropriately and on time. You might be a procrastinator who gets away with doing things last minute but this is not one of them that you will get away with. One thing people ignore doing when they are moving is planning weeks ahead before the moving date inches closer. They want to look for transport and pack and do last minute packing before the moving date. Don’t be one of those people. Planning ahead and creating a moving checklist will make your move stress-free. We have come up with the ultimate moving checklist to help you know the important things you should do before you move, on an actual day and right after you’re in your new house. 8 -12 Weeks Before Moving Saving Moving is an expensive affair. You just don’t wake up decide to move. You have to budget for different aspects such as finding transport money and paying your movers. You also need to budget for rent and deposit for your new house. Some landlords will ask for 2-month’s rent deposit and you have to save some money. Unless you have…

Karen Neighbourhood Guide

With its lush green trees lined on the road and huge garden compounds surrounded by mansions and beautiful apartments, Karen gives a feeling of peace and calmness. It is an isolated neighbourhood with middle to high-level income earners. If you want to shop, get a breather at an urban coffee house, or you’re eager to explore cosy hideaways that are only privy to the locals, there are a myriad of activities in Karen to enjoy with your friends. Karen has an affluent feeling which gives it a feeling of prestige and privacy to the people who live in this neighbourhood. Nature triggers happiness which improves emotional health and relaxation. And everyone can do with more greenery in their life. The breathtaking view of Ngong Hills is a sight to marvel. You can also rekindle your relationship with nature and kickstart a healthy habit by going for runs on the well-tarmacked roads. Read on Source | ByRent Kenya

Dubai Investors to Set Up Sh8 Billion Mini City in Juja

Dubai-based investors have struck a deal for the setting up of a Sh8 billion mini city at Mang’u in Juja, Kiambu County, along the Nairobi-Thika highway. Capitaland East Africa chief executive officer Rogers Obure, who had travelled to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to sign the deal, said the investors agreed to partner with local owners to have the project dubbed ‘Artstone Valley’ completed within the next three years. Luxury Homes developer and Costa Homes founder Constantine Mwadime said the mini city will have a shopping mall, a mega hospital, primary and nursery schools as value-adds aimed at making it attractive for Nairobi residents seeking an out-of-town location to shop, seek treatment or school for their children. Luxury Homes is a key partner in the multi-billion shillings project. “Several saccos have expressed interest in taking up housing units for onward sale to their members off-plan to be paid over a period of time,” Mwadime said. The agreement was signed between Capitaland East Africa, Abu Dhabi Investment and Housing, Emirate Homes Group and Royal Investment Group. The 25-acre Juja mini city is designed by Nairobi-based architect Salman Mruttu and consists of seven blocks of eight story flats that will…

6 smartest money moves to make with your first paycheck

Once you start earning, expect bigger expenses in future, such as buying a car, home or educating your kids. The earlier you start setting aside money for these expenses, the better Earning your first salary is the best thing every graduate dreams of, but knowing what to do with it is far from simple. This is, perhaps, because many of us are never taught the basics of money management or the impulsive reactions that it comes with. While many end up in high end joints with their friends for some bites and drinks, other visits boutiques to change their wardrobes. This is but the beginning of money problems unless soon addressed.   BT spoke to Jackline Mugo, a certified investment adviser, about the smartest things to do with your money when you start earning. Before throwing  an expensive bash, thinking of a vacation or going on a shopping spree, consider these money moves. 1. Seek financial management tutorials  According to Ms Mugo, you can start seeking for financial advice long before you have the cheque in hand or the money hands in your bank account. This, she says, will give you a better guide and knowledge on how to prioritise your spendings,…

Cytonn reveals best commercial property regions

A report released by Cytonn Investment has ranked Mombasa and Mt. Kenya as the best regions for retail real estate development because of high retail space demand. The report showed the two regions have high retail space demand of 0.3 million square feet in Mombasa and 0.2 million in Mt. Kenya, attractive yields at 8.3 % and 9.9% and occupancy rates at 96.3% and 84.5% respectively. Speaking on Monday during the release of the report, Cytonn Real Estate’s Research Analyst Juster Kendi said the sector remained cautiously positive and they expected to witness reduced development activity in Nairobi, with developers shifting to markets such as Mombasa and Mt. Kenya regions that have low retail space supply, attractive yields and high occupancy rates. “The report focused on the performance of the real estate retail sector in Kenya in 2018, based on rental yields, occupancy rates, demand and supply, which was compared to 2017’s performance to gauge the trends,” said Kendi. According to the report, there has been an increase in the supply of retail space, especially in Nairobi, where retail space supply increased by 4.8% from 6.2 million square feet in 2017 to 6.5 million square feet in 2018, based on malls in…